Getting started tutorial for Fake Phone Location

Fake phone location is an excellent user privacy protection tool. Designed to provide users with the protection of personal information, while also allowing Rabbit Friends to fully experience the functions of the App used. Let’s briefly introduce how to get started

Note: permission requirements, some mobile phones need to open the “background pop-up interface” permission

Activation method: Settings-more settings-permission management-Fake Phone Location-background pop-up interface.

Function introduction

1: Description of photo protection function

  • -Get the photos you want to protect
  • -Edit photos (no need to edit if not required)
  • -After confirming the settings, click “Start Protection”

2: Description of WiFi protection function

  • -Read/add the WiFi address to be protected
  • -If you want to read the address, you need to connect to the WiFi you want to protect
  • -Confirm the settings, click “Start Protection”

3: Description of address book protection function

  • -Add the number to be simulated
  • -Complete the settings, turn on the protection, prevent other software from reading the real number, and protect privacy.

4: equipment information protection

  • -Set device information (manufacturer, model)
  • -Complete the settings, start protection, prevent device information leakage

5. Position protection function. Because of the restrictions of each application market, this function is only available in some application markets

  • -Its function is also quite simple to use, first look at the following figure:

Follow the operations on the picture, you can complete the virtual positioning settings, I wish you a happy use!



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