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The rest of the content is all kinds of talk, no time to read it Fake Phone Location is a privacy protection tool that can run in a ROOT-free environment. It aims to provide users with the protection of personal information and prevent users’ real information from being collected to the greatest extent. Achieve Cunning Rabbit Three Caves, so that the App will never be able to collect real mobile GPS location information.

Fake Phone Location can protect the user’s geographic location information from being collected, in response to the current market applications that are not allowed to use without positioning information, or the use of functions is limited.

Fake Phone Location will virtually generate a geographic information according to the address specified by the user and provide it to other software users, which not only protects the user’s privacy, but also facilitates the use of software for positioning.


1. Personalize your own GPS location, set it wherever you want.

2. Protect personal information, avoid your own address GPS positioning information is collected randomly

3. Virtual location information, occasionally you can pretend to be traveling in Moments.

4. Instantly transfer location, find people nearby, let friends all over the world, the world is no problem.

5. Assist to clock in and out of get off work, act freely, no need to fight every second.

6. Search for location, one-click direct access. Arrived at the designated location instantly.

For people

1. People who like to be humorous, send a message through WeChat, or send a circle of friends, pretend to be traveling, and be humorous

2. Those who like to do business, break through geographical restrictions, let the world become people near you, and there is no difficult business in the world.

3. For those who do not like to be late, the company requires the attendance to send positioning, but every month there is always one or two days of traffic jams, let the mobile phone arrive at the company first to check in, perfect not to be late.

4. People who like to make friends can only follow the fate with a shake, and people can only rely on money to find people. Cunning Rabbit helps you make the whole world become your accessory, everyone is in the global village. You can say hello at any time

5. People who like to entertain, so save a return ticket. The method of use is shown in the figure:

At present, he has a derivative function of Dingding, enterprise WeChat check-in. Because the software is too powerful, he mistakenly hits Dingding to check-in. The function of enterprise WeChat check-in is also supported. This is for office workers to check in. Benefits. You can also try if necessary.



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