Dingding is a clocking app that office workers often use. It is powerful and is now used by many companies.

But in use, everyone always needs to change to a new mobile phone. At this time, Dingding will prompt that it is not a commonly used device, which directly leads to unsuccessful check-in. Then how to solve this problem?

So now we will see how to unbind the phone:

1. First enter Dingding-attendance check-in

2. Click “Settings” in the lower right corner of the check-in page

3. Drag to the end and you will see a “My mobile phone for attendance” item

4. Click to enter, you can see your frequently used mobile phone information (phone name, model, etc.)

5. Click on the above binding, there will be a pop-up box reminding whether to unbind, click to release, so it can be released, the operation is very simple.

Finally recommend a software that can modify positioning:


After all, there are always a few days in a month, and you may be late. If you can change the location, punch a card first, isn’t it perfect?



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